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HEALTHY SLEEP – Blue Light Blocking Glasses


MitoHACKER – lamps for red and near infrared light therapy


How can MitoHACKER help me?

The Near Infrared (NIR) spectrum works:

– pain reliever,
– accelerates blood circulation,
– supports the healing of muscles and ligaments,
– increases the concentration of enzymes to improve the functioning of the body,
– increases the function of mitochondria in cells for the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) – the task of ATP is to store energy and then supply this energy to cells in other parts of the body,
– effectively relieves allergy symptoms,
– accelerates the healing of burns, supporting skin regeneration.

The spectrum of red:

– improves liver function,
– beneficial for stretch marks,
– improves blood circulation bringing pain relief,
– beneficial for the skeletal system,
– beneficial for the cardiovascular system,
– supports the healing of wounds and injuries,
– beneficial for the kidneys,
– increases liver function,
– refreshes and rejuvenates the skin,
– reduces scars,
– strengthens the senses,
– improves nutritional metabolism,
– regenerates blood,
– supports muscle regeneration.



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