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The Institute of Sport – The State Research Institute is the only research institution of its kind operating in Poland in the field of sport. He specializes in physiological, biochemical, biomechanical, psychological and dietary research and consultation for professional athletes and amateur athletes.


KetoKADEMIA – a project of the Start-Spor Foundation, indicating ketogenic nutrition as a way to optimize the body.


MitoHACKER is a brand of red and near infrared light therapy lamps that stimulate m.in. mitochondrial system for ATP production.


KAATSU Training is a world leader and pioneer of low-resistance training based on blood flow moderation. KAATSU is also a product line and a scientific base.


Buteyko Clinic is an international organization specializing in the Buteyko breathing method. Founded in 2002 by Buteyko practitioner and author Patrick McKeown.

CRYOscien is a world leader in cryotherapy equipment, specializing in innovative solutions and has state-of-the-art scientific and technical facilities.

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