Bio/Neurohacking & Sport

Bio/Neurohacking & Sports! – is a project based on natural and functional forms of nutrition and supplementation and the most effective training combinations, combined with the achievements of modern science and technology. Its aim is to promote the safest, most effective and healthiest ways to increase the efficiency and potential of the human body in sport. Every corner of the world or ethnic group has knowledge of the natural possibilities available in nature to stimulate the human body to increase physical or intellectual exertion.

It also includes a variety of training techniques: from strength, performance through meditation, breathing or even acoustic vibrations, which have a beneficial effect on positive events in the body. Knowledge of strength by nature comes from messages. It has been replicated from generation to generation for hundreds or even thousands of years. Current science allows us to verify the knowledge of ancestors and determine where the highest quality plant components, rich in active substances, come from. From the acquired knowledge of herbs, fruits, vegetables or their compositions, remaining in a natural form of focus or subjected to processing processes such as, for example, extraction, fermentation, freeze drying or drying, in order to achieve the highest possible efficiency, we want to scientifically prove their potency in sport.

We will combine the acquired knowledge about the effects of natural substances on the body with technical scientific achievements. Around the world, scientists are proving the rightness of using technical solutions to achieve a natural stimulation of the human body (e.g. adaptable). For this purpose, they use innovative devices that help to achieve, for example, higher ability to survive the body in difficult stressful situations, also occurring in sports during long-term workouts, supporting acceleration of regeneration or in achieving greater mental performance. Combining all of the above should show us a very honest and healthy direction in promoting the principles of physical culture. In scientific, technical or natural topics, the most important is the direction of cooperation directly with crop growers or collectors of functional gifts of nature, and in the case of scientific discoveries – with inventors or producers designated by them.

Acting in this direction, we will gain access to the source of knowledge and its purest form of passion for a healthy and reasonable life. We will draw on the knowledge already carried out around the world and the available results of research and analysis. We also want to commission experiments ourselves. The control group will be athletes practicing different sports. The results will be consulted by the project's scientific and coaching committee. The aim of the project is also to cooperate with existing companies on the market, which in their offer already have ready-made compositions of supplements of natural origin and are able to demonstrate their quality and effectiveness.

Project Author – Start-Sport Foundation

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